Dr. Saul Miller is the author of 8 books:


Performing Under Pressure: Gaining the Mental Edge in Business and Sport

Managing pressure can be the difference between winning and losing. For over a quarter of a century Dr. Miller has worked with professional athletes, Olympians, corporate executives, and performers from the arts, health care and law enforcement coaching them how to deal with pressure, stress, and adversity. In Performing Under Pressure he shares a wealth of practical tools and exercises that allow anyone in any situation to manage the pressure they feel and to channel it into peak performance. The book is an essential toolbox for anyone who wants to ensure that when it comes time to face intense high-pressure situations, they'll be prepared to succeed.


The game demands more than talent. You need to be able to perform when it counts. Dr, Miller’s book is an excellent guide for performing under pressure… a great read, I highly recommend.
- Billy Beane, General Manager, Oakland A’s

Dr. Miller truly knows the intricacies and criteria required to enable peak performance. Performing Under Pressure is loaded with precise and practical advice on how to excel in the moment.
- Roger Schmidt, competitor and three-time Olympic and World Championship Coach for USA, Italy, Austria and Germany

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Why Teams Win: 9 Keys to Success in Business Sport and Beyond

Today there is a greater than ever need for people to work together effectively in teams. Why Teams Win distills Dr. Saul Miller’s work with hundreds of high-performance teams—in the worlds of sport, business, healthcare, and the arts—into lessons to help teams perform at their best. It identifies the 9 key characteristics of successful teams - describes how to improve personal, organizational and team performance in each of these 9 areas – explains: how and why to apply different strategies to different types of teams - how to balance individual needs with the needs of the team - how to get the maximum potential out of a group of individuals -provides recommendations for improving motivation, chemistry and leadership, as well as building confidence and a positive team identity. The book features advice, quotes, and interviews from high-profile athletes and coaches, as well as from business leaders - includes self-evaluation and team-building exercises.

Why Teams Win offers anyone wanting to improve their personal and team performance a proven and accessible formula for success.

Dr. Miller has really hit on the basics of building a successful team.
The nine elements provide the blueprint for all coaches.
- Mark Messier

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Hockey Tough
A winning mental game (published by Human Kinetics, 2003)

Hockey Tough provides players and coaches proven methods for mastering the mental side of the game. Author Dr. Saul Miller shares the psychological training and emotional management techniques he has successfully taught hockey players and teams for over 25 years. Throughout the book, NHL stars such as Mark Messier, Steve Yzerman, Scott Gomez, Pavel Bure, Chris Pronger, Paul Kariya, and Markus Naslund offer insights and tips on a variety of topics related to achieving a winning mind-set.

Miller, one of North America’s most prolific and sought-after sport psychology consultants, presents mental exercises and assignments to help players -mentally prepare to compete, -stay focused to execute skills and tactics, -use visualization and self-talk to raise performance, -develop a winning attitude on and off the ice,-overcome emotional fatigue and physical aches and pains to perform at the highest level throughout the season, -manage their anger to avoid costly penalties in crucial game situations, and develop the discipline and tenacity to force and capitalize on opponents’ mistakes.

Miller discusses other topics of interest, such as the intangibles that coaches and scouts look for in players and what it takes to make it to the top level of competition. Bottom line, HOCKEY TOUGH will help players and coaches achieve a mindset to excel on the ice.

HOCKEY TOUGH will help you get your game and your life to the next level. This stuff works.
- Cliff Ronning, 16 year NHL veteran

Dr. Miller has developed an excellent resource, thanks to his years of experience dealing with hockey players and coaches. He has simplified the mental approach players need to perform well.
- Marc Crawford, Veteran NHL Coach, Head Coach, Vancouver Canucks.

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The Complete Player, The Psychology of Winning Hockey
(published by Stoddart, Toronto, 2001)

Why do some players score lots of goals, yet others with apparently equal skills rarely score at all? How is it that some players are easily distracted by pressure and the violence of the game, while others are able to stay focused? How do players get up for the game, shift after shift, night after night? And most of all how can I improve my game?

Dr. Miller answers these questions in The Complete Player. Dr. Saul Miller has been helping players get a psychological edge for 20 years. He is one of North America’s leading sport psychologists. In the Complete Player he describes the mental training techniques he has successfully employed with a number of rookie and veteran NHL players and provides insights and tips from Pavel Bure, Chris Pronger, Paul Kariya, Luc Robitaille, Scott Gomez, Tiger Williams, Pat Quinn, Scotty Bowman and many others. Dr. Miller’s clients include the Vancouver Canucks, Los Angeles Kings, St. Louis Blues, Florida Panthers as well as junior and development teams.

(out of print-replaced with Hockey Tough)

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A Little Relaxation
(published by Hartley & Marks, Vancouver, 1993)

Feel freer, lighter, more alive and at ease. In this enjoyable, effective how-to-relax book, Dr. Miller gives you a proven and pleasureable way to release tension and reduce stress. The technique has been used successfully by people in all walks of life, including some of the world’s top performers.

Practical, simple, and sophisticated, an excellent guide for living.
- Laura Huxley, Author

Dr. Miller is the Wizard of Ease.
- Dr. Irwin "Win" Paris Founder of Fitness Medicine

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Sport Psychology for Cyclists
by Dr. Saul Miller and Peggy Maass Hill
(published by Velo Press, Boulder, CO, 2000)

A complete mental coaching program for serious and competitive cyclists, written be an internationally renowned sport psychologist and co-authored by a world class cyclist.
Eight chapters describe eight coaching sessions covering all the elements of mental training for optimal cycling. The first five sessions describe a variety of tools that the cyclist can use to enhance his or her cycling experience. The final three sessions iscuss individual differences and competency issues. All sessions are loaded with training tips and homework assignments.
(available at local bookstores or online)

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Food For Thought: A New Look at Food and Behavior
By Dr. Saul Miller and Dr. Joanne Miller
(published by Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1980)

8 A refreshingly different look at food and behavior, Food For Thought shows how wholesome, natural foods, eaten in the right combination, can relieve feelings of anxiety and depression and bolster your whole outlook on life.

The book explains how the foods you eat affect what you think, say, and do. The authors reveal the ten principles of sound eating that can help you balance your diet as well as your life. Based on ancient principles of eating the book discusses the food allergies, overeating, sexual behavior, plus the impact of chemical additives and today’s ‘extreme diet’ on development, behavior and personality. Packed with anecdotes, case studies, and cross-cultural references the book shows you how to improve the quality of your life, and reap the benefits of a healthy, centered diet.

(currently out of print)

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